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Win-win relationship

At Hemlock, we strongly believe that the best approach to any investment is one that creates a win for all parties involved. We look for opportunities where we can add value for business owners, employees, customers  and the communities they operate in. 

Niche markets

We seek businesses that serve a niche market and those which have built a strong reputation among their customers and suppliers. Our philosophy is that businesses that consistently deliver a strong product or service, which is essential to the lives of their customers, will endure and profit over the long-term.

Growth focused

​Post-close we commit to understanding the business completely before we make any significant changes or big promises.   Wherever possible, we will always seek to add value through implementing strategies which help the business grow, rather than deplete its existing resources.

Long-term commitment

Finally, we think and act long-term. Although it can at times run contrary to the strategies implored by private equity funds and strategic acquirers, our approach dictates that we do what’s best for the long-term success of the business. Our objective is to identify a business that we would want to own ad infinitum, and our approach to managing it supports that objective.


Enduring profitability

We look for North American-based private companies with consistent  annual pre-tax net earnings between $1 million and $4 million, and  two or more  of the following characteristics:

  • Stable base of recurring revenue

  • Stable or growing market without a dominant player

  • Closely held ownership looking to retire or transition out of the business

  • Low CAPEX requirements


Respect your legacy

We value the legacy you have built and commit to honouring it through:

  • Responding to your request within 48 hours

  • Keeping any information you provide  strictly confidential

  • Refraining from  contacting your employees, vendors or customers without your written permission

  • Communicating our interest in your business  honestly and transparently

  • Establishing  a valuation range for your company as soon as we have enough information to do so

Are you interested in a conversation?

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